Check out the latest video from Ceramic Pro putting vehicles through rigorous real-world tests

Springtime is finally here, which means you need to protect your car from the dirt, sand, gravel, and other debris on the roads. What’s the best option? Ceramic Pro.

Check out the latest video from Ceramic Pro that puts a car through five months of harsh testing.


At Bill’s Detailing Service, we offer the most trusted, certified installation of Ceramic Pro. Satisfaction from our customers and partners is what we strive for, and you will not be disappointed.

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We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.

How much can you trust Ceramic Pro? Just ask your local firefighters.

Ceramic Pro is the perfect choice for protecting against dirt and snow along with scratches and chips. It is so trusted and reliable that firefighters rely on it in their daily lives.

Check out the latest video on how firefighters benefit from Ceramic Pro.

At Bill’s Detailing Service, we provide quick and reliable installation for all of our Ceramic Pro products. The warm weather is nearly here, and you want your car looking as sharp as possible! Check out our Ceramic Pro packages!

 We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.

Ceramic Pro Boston

Ceramic Pro is the best choice for protection from scratches and scuffs on your vehicles

Spring here, and you need your car looking immaculate on the road. As the snow is nearly gone, scratches and marks become as evident as ever. Check out the latest video from Ceramic Pro explaining the benefits of choosing the best form of protection for your cars!



At Bill’s Detailing Service we offer a countless number of Ceramic Pro packages that will fit your needs. We pride ourselves in offering quick installation and complete customer satisfaction!

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 We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.


Driving in harsh weather? Ceramic Pro is the perfect solution.

During these recent Noreaster’s, streets are now covered with salt, dirt, and sand which is at the expense of your vehicle. Even after a car wash deep scratches and chipped paint now cover our car. Ceramic Pro is the perfect solution for protecting your paint from these scratches while being able to easily remove excess material effortlessly. Check out this video showing the benefits of installing Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro is used by professionals and installed by professionals At Bill’s Detailing service, we offer numerous Ceramic Pro packages that will fit all of your needs. Being the leader in installing Ceramic Pro we strive for complete satisfaction from our customers along with offering phenomenal customer service!



Spring is coming!

As the warm weather hits, you need your car looking the best way possible. After this long winter, harsh weather, and freezing cold temperatures, your car has likely taken a beaten. Driving on snow, salt, and mud throughout the winter can be very damaging for a car if it’s not dealt with properly. At Bill’s Detailing Service, we will get your car back up to standards shedding the damage, and ready for spring and summer driving! Take a look at a recent vehicle we detailed!



At Bill’s Detailing Service, we will assure you that all of the damage your car sustained in the winter will be repaired, making your car look beautiful for the warmer months. Check out our Ceramic Pro Page and the numerous packages we offer!

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Permanent Bond Nanoceramic Protective Coating

Ceramic Pro 9H is a multifunctional coating that can be used for vehicle/yacht/aircraft exterior and interior protection.

  • Permanent Protection
  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant
  • High Gloss Finish


Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. Ceramic Pro 9H can only be removed by abrasion. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle’s paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants.

The unique formula of Ceramic Pro 9H allows it to be applied in multiple layers which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder coating with improved scratch resistance.

At Bill’s we pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.


Deeper Look at Auto Detailing from Bill's Boston's Top Car Detailing Service

Reprinted from

There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a car. So with oil changes and brake tests and spark plug replacements, you might not want to think about auto detailing at all. You might even ask why detailing your car is important or if it’s worth the expense?

On the surface, car detailing might look like something you do just to give your car some extra shine. But there are some auto detailing benefits to you shouldn’t ignore. Not only will your car look sparkly, but a thorough detailing will have some personal benefits for you as well.

A Detailed Look: What Does Car Detailing Mean?

When people ask what is car detailing, they might think of bright paint, vinyls and decals. But what does car detailing really mean? It is a thorough cleaning of a car with the purpose of making it look as clean as possible, both inside and out. It’s that simple.

What Does Car Detailing Include?

You might still be wondering what car detailing is and what it includes. Every car detailer has their own approach. But when people ask what does car detailing include, most of the steps involved are pretty much the same. The standard treatment is to clean every square inch of the car, both exterior and interior.

Auto detailing requires a multi-step process. The interior and exterior clean up of a vehicle have their own steps. With that said, the way one company does it may vary when compared to another, so it’s likely to find a slightly different approach adopted by others if you were to shop around. However, the majority of detailers use similar tools to arrive at that sparkling finish.


The first thing people notice about the car is what’s on the outside. That’s why detailers devote much of their time and attention to a vehicle’s body, ensuring it looks its best. They work to make it look as good as it did when it was brand new.

Restoring its gloss by means of a paint job is a common focus since the car surface loses its shine with the passing of time. In addition to repainting the car, a detailer will also work on the windows, wheels, tires and rims to make sure they look their best. Dirt, grease, blemishes – they all disappear during the exterior stage – with the help of degreasers and detergents – to ensure a car looks its cleanest.

Common Exterior Process

  • Wash & Dry – Exterior detailing starts with a high-powered wash, followed by a thorough handwashing with a mild soap, followed by drying.
  • Clay – The next step is clay work, where the detailer uses a clay bar to remove any traces of overspray (watermarks, soap scum), and other particles the wash couldn’t remove on its own.
  • Polish – It’s normal for a car to lose some of its shine, so restoring its original paint coating helps. This is the polishing stage.
  • Seal – Finally, the exterior process ends with the application of sealant, to give the car a glossy shine. In some cases, detailers go farther, by applying wax to surface.


Why is detailing your car interior important? Detailers spend much time cleaning the inside of a car, sometimes even more so than the outside. It’s easy for dirt and dust (and all sorts of disgusting messes) to collect inside a vehicle over time, especially if you don’t have time to clean the interior with a brush or vacuum.

But a car detailing shop has those tools at their disposal. With their combination of steam cleaners, vacuums and brushes, a detailing professional can give your car a deep clean that you may not be able to do on your own.

Common Interior Process

  • Vacuuming – The first step of interior car detailing starts with the use of a vacuum. All areas of the car receive a cleaning, including the glove compartment and trunk.
  • Brushing/Scrubbing/Shampooing – This is where the grind work comes in. The mats and carpet upholstery receive a thorough brushing and scrubbing. The goal is to remove the stains and blemishes that a regular wash can’t lift.
  • Wiping/Re-vacuuming – The next focus is on particular surfaces, such as the windows and dashboard and door panels. The detailer will wipe these surfaces down with a cleaning agent, which will bring a new shine to your car’s interior.
  • Deodorizing – Finally, the detailer will spray the inside of your car to ensure it has a pleasing odour, as a finishing touch. These sprays often come in scents, which you get to choose.

A Clean-Looking Car Can Take You Far

The most obvious car detailing benefits drivers look forward to are bright and clean cars. If you’re the kind of person who wants a spotless, squeaky clean car, then detailing is a must. But it’s also good for those who aren’t really clean freaks. Detailing can remove those stubborn stains and scum that regular washing can’t, protecting your car’s paint coating in the long run.

Promotes Good Health

You may think your car can only hold five passengers, but that’s not the case. Your vehicle carries millions, if not billions of unseen creatures. Whether you like to picture it or not, germs and allergens flourish in cars.

Too much dirt, dust or debris inside your car allows these germs to circulate in your vehicle. A thorough cleaning with vacuums and sterile wipes removes these particles and kills germs, and is another reason why detailing your car is important. So if you get the sniffles and sneeze a lot, you might start to feel better after taking your car to a detailer.

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

You’ll have an easier time selling your car if it shines. A shiny and spot-free vehicle is like a person going in for a job interview. The person applying can be the right girl or guy for the job, but the employer won’t see that if the job applicant looks dirty.

Likewise, a car coated with dirt and grime, or an interior laced with stains will push potential buyers away. Your vehicle’s resale value can increase by a considerable amount, and a clean appearance could push an apprehensive buyer to say “sold!”.

Reflects on Your Professionally

The section above made mention of job interviews. Well, your employer looks at more than just your work. In addition to your dressing, grooming and overall demeanor, it’s not unusual for a prospective employer to look at other things – your car could be among them.

While a car covered in dirt won’t necessarily dissuade an employer from hiring an individual, such a sight could leave a somewhat negative impression on their mind. So always consider the fact that someone may have their eyes on you.

Sweating the Details

Auto detailing is not a necessity, but it’s certainly worth your time. Your car is a reflection of you, and others may form some of their impressions of you depending on how your car looks. Based on what is included in car detailing, it makes sense to invest some money into it. A normal car wash will only go so far, but a thorough detailing can remove the tough stains and blemishes which stubbornly remain on (or in) your vehicle. You won’t regret it once it leaves the shop looking glossy!

At Bill’s we pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.

How Is This Possible?

Ceramic Pro once cured, is measured to have hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. The increase in the hardness of the coated surface is vast. This makes it the hardest paint coating on the market today. This new glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the original factory paint.

Any surface scratches that happen in the coating are easily removed with light polishing which will not weaken the integrity of the original clear coat. With Ceramic Pro your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the glass coating. Think of Ceramic Pro as an additional clear coat layer, only a lot harder. All of this allows for more peace of mind and a fuller enjoyment of your vehicle, even in harsh environments.

Glossy, slick and self-cleaning This nano technology allows the Ceramic nanoparticles to fill the smallest pores in the paint which makes the Ceramic Pro glass shield shiny, smooth and extremely slick or hydrophobic. Ceramic Pro dramatically lowers the surface tension preventing environmental contaminants such as: bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar and graffiti paint from bonding to the surface. Water easily removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it while rolling off the surface. This is called the self-cleaning effect.

Permanent protection Ceramic Pro 9H is a one-time application if maintained correctly. Once the Ceramic Pro glass shield has cured it can only be removed through abrasion like wet sanding. This puts Ceramic Pro in a category by itself, compared to sealants or waxes that degrade quickly.


At Bill’s we pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.

Reprinted from Pro Car Mechanics

Nothing looks worse on the road than a car with rust spots all over the exterior. The paint job of any car will last for a given number of years, but the elements will take their toll. It isn’t just salt from winter driving; dust and gravel during the warm months can do some damage to the car as well. Sun, droppings from birds, and any air pollutants can also cause harm to the paint. We are starting to head towards snow time once again and that can challenge the car paint. Detail work or a waxing can do a lot to protect the paint from the elements.

Bead Test

Waxing is more than just bringing out the best features of the exterior color. A good car wax is going to create some protective film for the paint. It serves as a barrier between the elements and the color underneath. It makes sense to check exterior conditions before waxing the car. Automobile professionals recommend what is known as a bead test. All it takes is throwing some water on the surface of the car. If the water beads into small pockets, then there’s no need to do any waxing. Large beads of water do suggest that a wax job would be helpful.

Proper way of waxing

The car should be prepped in anticipation of being waxed. This means washing the car, and then allowing it to dry. There may be some areas on the surface where dirt or debris is hardened. An auto body cleaner that is nonabrasive can be used to clean those areas of the waxing. Many car washes offer a wax job as an additional service. If you have decided to do the work yourself, be sure to use a dry cloth. The wax needs to be applied in a circular motion and is best done in a shaded area away from the sun. There is no need to use a lot of wax; a small amount is just fine.

Importance of detailing

Detailing can accomplish the same protection for the paint job. It does go little bit beyond waxing, and can be considered fairly good restorative work. A car is going to get its fair share of scratches and dents over time. Detailing work takes care of pounding out dents that could be deposits for salt a corrosive material. Scratches can be minor or major, but in either case might need a little paint to correct. In the process of doing a buffing job, a car owner may accidentally create swirl marks. This is going to need very careful polishing in order to get rid of any of scratches. Detailing can be a do-it-yourself project depending on what has to be done. However, if you lack the time or the expertise taking the car in for professional detailing job is an excellent alternative.

A car should be waxed no more than once every three months. At the same time, if there is a chance of very harsh weather for extended periods, then a car waxing may have to be done more frequently. Those car owners who live in snow belts should expect to do one or two car waxings during the winter. This will adequately protect the paint from road salt or sand. In addition to any icy rain. The car owner must know the paint also will be a protective barrier for metal underneath the car. Detailing can be used to take care of any deposits of debris in the wheel wells and also the chassis work.

Benefits of waxing & detailing

Something else to consider when it comes to waxing in detail. Both will extend the life and gloss of that paint job your car has. It also can help in the resale value of the automobile. Rust is something that will cause the price to drop. It is recommended that detailing work be done prior to the sale of any vehicle. You need to have your car looking its very best for a prospective buyer. The benefit in the coming months obviously is the protection against ice, salt, and road sand. Pay attention to the body of the car with waxing and detailing will help you make it through the winter. The coming of April can have your car looking as good as it did when you first purchased it.

At Bill’s we pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.


ceramic-pro-interior protection

Most of our customers are now well aware of all the benefits ceramic pro has for protecting the exterior of their cars. But, many people are NOT aware of the tremendous benefits of Ceramic Pro in protecting your auto’s interior.


The coating will protect the vehicle’s interior from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be substantially higher! Ceramic Pro pays for itself in the end.

Watch the video below to see the benefits of Ceramic Pro on your car’s interior:

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About Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

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