Detailing Packages

We offer Gold and Platinum Packages for detailing. Gold packages start at $250, and include complete care services designed to restore your vehicle’s appearance to its purchased condition. With full attention paid to the interior as well as the exterior, for your satisfaction! Our full line of the industry’s leading car care products will ensure that your vehicle will leave our facility exceeding your demands and expectations. Our Platinum Package consists of all of the services outlined in the Gold Package with additional emphasis placed on long-term care solutions. A service designed for the true automobile connoisseur. A perfect solution for performance automobiles as well as vintage classics with appreciating value! The Platinum Package pricing is subject to change depending on your vehicle.

Gold Package

Complete Car Care, Detailing Package
$ 250
Pricing varies based on vehicle size.
  • Vacuum and steam cleaning of all carpeting and upholstery
  • Leather/vinyl cleaning and conditioning: console, dash, vents, cup holders, etc.
  • Door jams, rockers and windows
  • Complete wash and hand dry
  • 3 step paint care: claying, buffing, polishing
  • All trim, tires and rims are thoroughly cleaned and dressed
  • Window cleaning

Additional Charges May Apply:

Larger Vehicles, Heavy Road Tar, Over Spray, Tree Sap, Pet Hair, Wet Sanding, Scratch Removal, Wax Build-Up, Odor Removal, Hard Water Stains, Swirl Marks, Vinyl Roof and Oxidation

Platinum Package

Elite Total Care, Detailing Package
$ 795
  • Our full line of the highest quality cleaners, dressing and coatings
  • Complete cleaning and dressing of the engine compartment
  • Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Solvent cleaner to remove: tar and grime from lower body.
  • Clay bar to remove: road grime and tar from all body panel areas.
  • Menzerna Line compounding paint correction system to remove: light scratches, scuff marks and light oxidation.
  • Menzerma Line super finish polish high gloss swirl remover for gloss and depth, and nourishes your paint for a show car shine.
  • Ceramic PRO sport paint protection: hydrophobic effect, avoid water spots, high gloss and durability for 6-12 months. Comes with a 6 month warranty.

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