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At Bill’s Detailing Service, we offer the most trusted, certified installation of Ceramic Pro. Satisfaction from our customers and partners is what we strive for, and you will not be disappointed.

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We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area and the top Ceramic Pro installer.

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Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of your vehicle, entailing a meticulous step-by-step process to restore its beauty.

“What is detailing?” It’s a question we hear frequently. “Detailing” is a term many people have seen, but they may never have heard a proper explanation of what it is, or what you should expect from detailing.

Often, people think that car “wash” and car “detail” are synonyms — read on to discover why that’s not the case.
What is detailing?

Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It is a meticulous step-by-step process to restore your vehicle’s beauty and protect your investment.

Detailing services can extend beyond automobiles and could include trucks, buses, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes. Most detailing companies are able to handle some, or all, of these types of vehicles.

How to know what type of car detailing you’re getting

Because what’s included in a detailing service can vary, an important consideration is to determine the specific services that you want to have performed on your vehicle. There may be different detailing packages available that vary in cost.

There are no uniform guidelines for the detailing industry. This means you may encounter wide variations in service packaging and pricing.

Contributing factors to these variations can include different levels of training, quality of service, professionalism and the products and equipment utilized.
Why do I need car detailing?

The single most important aspect of auto detailing is your vehicle’s need for protection from the elements. A common misconception is that a vehicle’s “clear coat” protects the exterior finish, so that regular maintenance is not required.

In reality, a wax coat should be applied at least twice a year to the painted surfaces to protect the finish from contaminates and oxidation. Although some dealerships offer an extra protection package for the vehicle at the time of purchase, this should not be considered a permanent solution.

A well-done car detailing job can make your car shine.

What to expect from auto detailing

A thorough and high-quality detailing job should take several hours, depending on the condition of the vehicle being detailed.

The results of a detailing job will also vary, based on the level of service provided and the age or condition of the vehicle. You should expect that every detail of your vehicle will be assessed and cleaned, including all cracks and crevices.

Whether you’ve just purchased a previously owned vehicle, are getting ready to sell your car or simply want to have your vehicle looking great again by restoring its original beauty, professional auto detailing can take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary.

At Bill’s Detailing Service, we offer the most trusted, certified installation of Ceramic Pro. Satisfaction from our customers and partners is what we strive for, and you will not be disappointed.

Check out our Ceramic Pro packages! >> Ceramic Pro 

We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area and the top Ceramic Pro installer.


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There are many reasons to detail a car, but not all of them are purely cosmetic. Proper detailing improves and maintains the health of your car in much the same way as changing the oil and spark plugs. While detailing takes a bit of effort, the benefits to reliability, safety and beauty are all worthwhile.

Paint Health

Proper cleaning, polishing and waxing greatly extend the life of a car’s paint. Your paint protects the metal underneath. If allowed to degrade, rust and corrosion can wreak havoc on your car with potentially devastating results. Trying a reasonably priced detailing package specifically dealing with paint is a good place to start.

Road Salt

In areas that experience seasonal snow fall, road salt can be one of the best reasons to regularly detail your car. Deposits of salt and mud can build up in wheel wells and under the chassis. Given enough time, these deposits can eat right through your paint, causing damage to the chassis that isn’t easily repairable.

Improved Lighting Ability

Part of proper detailing is making sure your headlights and taillights are clean and free of damage. Even mild deposits of dirt and grime on your lights can cause large reductions of available light, which can be potentially dangerous at night or in harsh weather.

Interior Condition

By regularly cleaning your interior, you get rid of bad odors, protect surfaces from fading and help prevent cracking and discoloration of the dash panels. Not only does this greatly improve resale price, it also adds a great deal of comfort for the driver.

Wheels and Tires

Oils, solvents, brake dust and other chemicals frequently encountered during normal driving can have a negative effect on your wheels and tires. By properly detailing them, you not only keep them looking good, but you also reduce the risks of cracking in the sidewalls or failure of the wheels due to corrosion.

Proper detailing not only helps to keep your car looking great, it helps to keep it running great both inside and out. This not only improves value and safety, but also personal comfort and pride in your car.

Does Detailing a Car Improve Its Resale Value?

Detailing a car is a cost-effective activity that can quickly improve the resale value of a used vehicle. While customers who purchase their cars from dealerships expect the vehicle to be detailed before their purchase, used cars are rarely detailed before they are sold by private party sellers. By having a used vehicle detailed before showing it to prospective buyers, a private party seller may be able to sell their vehicle for up to $1,000 more than if it was not detailed. A used car can be detailed for around $100, so it is a small investment that you can easily recoup.

If you are considering detailing your vehicle on your own before offering it for sale, there are some important areas to focus on as you detail. Be sure to clean the engine compartment, as this is a common dirty area on used vehicles. It is also important to place at least a coat of liquid wax on the exterior of the vehicle to help restore a like-new luster. Be sure to clean the carpets and seats, and give the interior adequate time to dry before showing the vehicle to prospective buyers. Making use of these tips will help you increase the resale value of your used vehicle.

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Bill’s Detailing is Boston’s Leading Installer of CeramicPro. Established in 1993 by owner William Lima, Bill’s Detailing Service provides you with years of expertise in automotive detailing.

Our team has gone on to create a unique level of superior customer service in the automotive detailing industries. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced to provide you with the finest quality detailing service available.
We offer pick up and drop off service for the days that you need your car cleaned as soon as possible! We want you to be completely satisfied with our work, and cause a minimal interruption in your day.

About Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

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Reprinted from Pro Car Mechanics

Nothing looks worse on the road than a car with rust spots all over the exterior. The paint job of any car will last for a given number of years, but the elements will take their toll. It isn’t just salt from winter driving; dust and gravel during the warm months can do some damage to the car as well. Sun, droppings from birds, and any air pollutants can also cause harm to the paint. We are starting to head towards snow time once again and that can challenge the car paint. Detail work or a waxing can do a lot to protect the paint from the elements.

Bead Test

Waxing is more than just bringing out the best features of the exterior color. A good car wax is going to create some protective film for the paint. It serves as a barrier between the elements and the color underneath. It makes sense to check exterior conditions before waxing the car. Automobile professionals recommend what is known as a bead test. All it takes is throwing some water on the surface of the car. If the water beads into small pockets, then there’s no need to do any waxing. Large beads of water do suggest that a wax job would be helpful.

Proper way of waxing

The car should be prepped in anticipation of being waxed. This means washing the car, and then allowing it to dry. There may be some areas on the surface where dirt or debris is hardened. An auto body cleaner that is nonabrasive can be used to clean those areas of the waxing. Many car washes offer a wax job as an additional service. If you have decided to do the work yourself, be sure to use a dry cloth. The wax needs to be applied in a circular motion and is best done in a shaded area away from the sun. There is no need to use a lot of wax; a small amount is just fine.

Importance of detailing

Detailing can accomplish the same protection for the paint job. It does go little bit beyond waxing, and can be considered fairly good restorative work. A car is going to get its fair share of scratches and dents over time. Detailing work takes care of pounding out dents that could be deposits for salt a corrosive material. Scratches can be minor or major, but in either case might need a little paint to correct. In the process of doing a buffing job, a car owner may accidentally create swirl marks. This is going to need very careful polishing in order to get rid of any of scratches. Detailing can be a do-it-yourself project depending on what has to be done. However, if you lack the time or the expertise taking the car in for professional detailing job is an excellent alternative.

A car should be waxed no more than once every three months. At the same time, if there is a chance of very harsh weather for extended periods, then a car waxing may have to be done more frequently. Those car owners who live in snow belts should expect to do one or two car waxings during the winter. This will adequately protect the paint from road salt or sand. In addition to any icy rain. The car owner must know the paint also will be a protective barrier for metal underneath the car. Detailing can be used to take care of any deposits of debris in the wheel wells and also the chassis work.

Benefits of waxing & detailing

Something else to consider when it comes to waxing in detail. Both will extend the life and gloss of that paint job your car has. It also can help in the resale value of the automobile. Rust is something that will cause the price to drop. It is recommended that detailing work be done prior to the sale of any vehicle. You need to have your car looking its very best for a prospective buyer. The benefit in the coming months obviously is the protection against ice, salt, and road sand. Pay attention to the body of the car with waxing and detailing will help you make it through the winter. The coming of April can have your car looking as good as it did when you first purchased it.

At Bill’s we pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area.