Video: Paint Protection Film (PPF) VS Ceramic Coating: What's The Difference?

Whether its Ford vs Chevy, In n Out vs Shake Shake, or Yankees vs Red Sox, we all have our favorites and tend to be rather vocal about expressing that preference. This mentality extends into the paint protection world – especially when debating clear bra vs ceramic coatings.

There is no denying the fact that a paint protection film or professional-grade ceramic coating are the two best ways of protecting your ride from exposure to harmful contaminants, UV rays, and even light scratches. But, there are qualities that each delivers that gives it a nudge or a competitive edge over the other.

That’s what Adam Cote is going to explain in today’s Ceramic Pro video. Adam will enter the highly contested world of paint protection by comparing clear bra vs ceramic coatings. He’ll explain the differences between the two, introduce their pros and cons, and more importantly, provide factual information that will help you determine the two – so you can make an informed and logical decision.


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