Get ready for the future of EV’s with Ceramic Pro. Discover an exclusive first look at one of the world’s largest EV expo, located in Irvine, California.

Today we will be showcasing all the new vehicles that are going to be released in the future from innovate brands like polestar to household names such as Volvo and Jeep. Explore all the cars at electrify expo Irvine and even get a demonstration of our KAVACA PPF being installed on a Tesla Model X. With Ceramic Pro KAVACA, you’ll never have to worry about scratches again.

Ceramic Pro Is The World’s Most Advanced Ceramic Coating! 

At Bill’s Detailing Service, we offer the most trusted, certified installation of Ceramic Pro. Satisfaction from our customers and partners is what we strive for, and you will not be disappointed.

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We pride ourselves on being the best car detailing service in the Boston Area and the top Ceramic Pro installer.

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