Watch Dustin Williams gets KAVACA paint protection film on his gtr. The leading paint protection film, KAVACA ppf, has now been combined with ceramic coating qualities to provide an ultra hydrophobic barrier.

We had the honor of having Dustin Williams bring his R35 Varis GTR to one of our Ceramic Pro Shop locations to have our newest product ceramic pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film applied to his vehicle as we know he loves to go on car rallies and on track. KAVACA ceramic pro is a refined version of ceramic coating technology, which is known for its high resistance to water, yet still allows for a smooth application. Adam Cote is an expert in the detailing industry, and he dives into all the technical details with Dustin while actually letting him learn the installation process hands-on! Ryan Wild and Dustin Williams then drive around in Ryan’s rad Mosler Consulier, and we get to interview Dustin Williams to know more about him and how he grew to be a big influencer in the JDM scene.


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