VIDEO: The Truth About Paint Protection Film

Here is a pop quiz. What is the link between helicopter blades from the Vietnam War area and today’s modern automotive paint protection world? The answer is paint protection film or PPF as most of us know it. This modern, lightweight polyurethane-inspired material was initially developed as a military solution to protect rotor blades on helicopters in the late 1960s.

But like all great inventions, crafty engineers found a way to expand its use, which found a home in the automotive space not too long ago. A paint protection film can be applied to nearly every part of your car’s exterior – even headlight covers.

It helps to protect the surface from scratching, rock chips, and chemical exposure. It’s incredibly durable, and some advanced PPF materials can even heal small scratches in a matter of seconds. There is a lot to love about paint protection films – but also some things to carefully consider. This is what we’ll explain in today’s Ceramic Pro video. Our host Adam Cote is going to get technical and scientific about paint protection film. If you watch the video and are really looking to expand your knowledge, take some time to read our detailed blog on the subject by clicking this link. Read the blog —–

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