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What is Ceramic Coating?

We are here to answer some more questions you may have about Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coating. You may be thinking, “Why Ceramic Pro? What makes Ceramic Pro unique?”. Honestly, there isn’t anything that can preserve the value of your vehicle like Ceramic Pro can. It’s going to make it shine like you’ve never seen it before. The best attribute about it, is that it makes the car stay cleaner longer in addition to making it much easier to clean. We know you love your car and love having it look shiny. Let us explain about what Ceramic Pro ceramic coating is and how it works!

Our flagship product is Ceramic Pro 9H, this is what most people know us for. In this bottle, there’s silica dioxide and titanium dioxide and the secret sauce – the solvents. If we were to expose this solution to air, it will dry to about 65% hard glass. You may be wondering, “How can I put a glass on my car and expect that it won’t shatter?”. We’ll explain why this is possible.

How Ceramic Pro Works

Ceramic Pro is not only hard and excellent at preventing staining, but it is also extremely flexible. You can clearly see a difference between car panels that are coated and panels that aren’t. Not only does the coating make your paint more shiny, but it also adds some cool characteristics like anti-fingerprint. Fingerprints easily wipe away after being coating with 9H. The coating also makes your surface anti-stick and anti-scratch. You will get much less scratches once your paint is coated, and if you do they’ll easily wipe away.

So, back to the question, “How can glass protect and not crack?”. You’ll be able to see that it bends and flexes at the same rate as paint. It will not crack. If you get our Gold Package, it comes with a lifetime warranty. But we do have packages that fit every budget and we have a service for every vehicle.

Here’s a little more about how Ceramic Pro works. When we’re talking about Ceramic Pro, we’re talking about nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is very, very, very small. An anchor pattern is basically the open pores of your paint that are incredibly small, atomic level particles. What Ceramic Pro does is it takes your anchor pattern and it permanently fills the pores with silica dioxide and titanium dioxide. This permanently increases the hardness and UV protection in addition to all of the other great characteristics that Ceramic Pro offers.

What makes our ceramic coating so special?

One of the other things that makes Ceramic Pro so unique and so special, is that it was designed to be a multi-layerable coating. So, what does that mean to you as a consumer and to your vehicle? When you apply anything, even Ceramic Pro, to the surface of your vehicle, your pores will be filled but you will have some peaks that remain above. So, by adding multiple layers, you’re able to achieve a brand new top substrate that’s more visually appealing. It is much more slick and way harder.

This brings us to the term that you might hear pretty often, 9H. What is 9H? It is a measurement of hardness. Once we’re able to achieve this new top substrate, you’re able to get much closer to this 9H hardness than the original substrate. Most typical clear coats measure between 2 and 3H. As you can see, we’re able to almost triple the density of your original substrate with our ceramic coating.

So, how does it work and how does it bond to your vehicle? Waxes and sealants of the past worked by forming a physical bond. The particles are quite large and bond well to each other, but not so well at permanently filling the pores. They will bond together and sit on top of the surface to protect what’s underneath. Now, Ceramic Pro works differently by forming a covalent bond and permanently filling the pores using incredibly small particles. This effect cannot be washed off or removed by detergents. Heat will not evaporate it as waxes and sealants have in the past. This is a permanent bond, so it cannot be removed by anything other than abrasion.

Next, let’s talk about something you’ll commonly see with marketing in Ceramic Pro which is water behavior or beading. What you will see is that once Ceramic Pro fills the pores, it leaves behind nanotubes that stand straight up. The nanotubes allow us to get insanely tight water beading. This is what promotes the self-cleaning effect and why your vehicle stays clean for so much longer. Of course, over time, this can diminish slightly. However, the pores being filled is a permanent bond. Your UV protection, your stain resistance, and all of the things that are warrantied that are environmental, will remain permanently.

Lastly, we get asked quite often, “Can I put this on my older car? Or, “Will it fill in scratches?”. The answer to that is yes, you can put it on older cars but it does not fill in scratches. It doesn’t work that way. However, what’s great about what we do is that all of our technicians are also trained in the art of paint correction. Why would you need that? We’ll explain.

RIDS stands for random isolated defects and scratches. What we mean by this, is that over time, as you wash your car, drive it, or do anything else, you’ll get random scratches. The more RIDS you get, the more you will see a spider webbing effect on your paint. The more scratches you get over time, the less clear your paint seems to be. Through the art of paint correction, which all of our technicians do, we reduce the RIDS to get rid of that spider webbing effect.

To summarize, we have packages with warranties that range from six months all the way up to lifetime warranties. There truly is something for everyone. The future is now, wax is dead, and Ceramic Pro is the answer to preserving the value of your vehicle permanently with our 9H ceramic coating. We look forward to protecting your car

At Bill’s Detailing Service, we offer the most trusted, certified installation of Ceramic Pro. Satisfaction from our customers and partners is what we strive for, and you will not be disappointed.

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