What Does a Nano Ceramic Coating Do

Nano ceramic coatings are a great way to add paint protection to any motorized vehicles. From boats, motorcycles, cars, SUV’s, trucks and airplanes nano ceramic coatings add practical glossy protections to any coated surface!

Nano ceramic coatings work by bonding with the existing surface to form a protective nano-ceramic shield on the surface. Nano polymers bond with the surface and create an invisible shield with extreme hardness. It’s this hardness and protective coat that permits the car’s exterior to look great with minimal maintenance. This coating allows the sub surface to remain better protected and minimizes preventable damage from staining and damaging protected surfaces. Nano ceramic coatings are ideal in preventing and minimizing damage including chemical stains, UV damage and oxidation with easier cleaning requirements and an enhanced gloss.

Chemical Stains

Chemical Stains are both unsightly and very difficult to remove from a paint’s surface. With the addition of a nano ceramic coating, your car adds defense against most common chemical stains that otherwise stain unprotected surfaces. In the event a strong chemical meets a protective coated surface, the nano ceramic coating blocks it in its tracks. This resistant technology helps alleviate costly paint correction procedures and enables otherwise harmful chemicals from penetrating into the clear coat and damaging the beautiful paint that lies underneath the protected surface.

UV Damage & Oxidation

Preventing UV damage and premature oxidation are nano ceramic coatings’ bread and butter. These coatings are specifically formatted to reflect ultraviolet rays and enable the coats to both look better and stay better protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

UV damage typically occurs because of lack of maintenance or upkeep especially in coastal areas that have high salinity in the air. The salt, sun and humidity all contribute to harmful damage over time. However, with the addition of nano ceramic coatings, the coat acts as an invisible shield between contaminants penetrating to the clear coat. This coat reflects UV damage and in turn prevents oxidation from occurring in a properly maintained nano ceramic surface. Think of nano ceramic coatings as a layer of sunscreen that resists UV damage on the vehicle.

Cleaning Ease & Added Gloss

Ever spend long hours on days off meticulously cleaning a vehicle in the driveway? Buckets of water, dry rags, wet rags, soap and waxes are not only time consuming but also incredibly laborious. With the addition of a nano-ceramic coating to a vehicle, the paint adds the huge hydrophobic benefit of reduced cleaning times. Because of the high gloss hydrophobic finish of nano ceramic coatings, dirt and grime easily wipe off a protected surface far easier than a non-protected surface. What once took scrubbing and harsh chemicals to remove built on dirt, now easily washes off with water from a hose. If chemicals are chosen to be used to clean a nano-ceramic coated surface, we strongly recommend using Ceramic Pro CARE. Ceramic Pro CARE is a water based coating application that is user friendly and harmless to a protected coat.

If keeping a vehicle in elite condition with a high gloss finish is important to you, then nano ceramic coatings are a great, low maintenance option to keep that glossy coat shining for the long run. All the Ceramic Pro standard sets finish with high gloss shines and this keeps cars looking great for months and years to come! Although many detailers require a periodic maintenance program to maintain warranties, these glossy finishes are guaranteed to last from anywhere to six months to the lifetime of the vehicle (pending they are properly maintained). Once added to a vehicle, nano ceramic coatings make it incredibly difficult for environmental contaminants to bind with the surface resulting in a better shine.

How are nano-ceramic coatings different from waxes?

Nano-ceramic coatings and waxes differ in several ways. From the hardness of the coat, the curing process and the warranties provided. Some under informed individuals might think that a nano ceramic coating and a wax are similar in their practicality and usage but the truth is, these two substances vary drastically.

Nano Ceramic Coating Hardness vs. Wax Hardness

One of the biggest differences between wax and ceramic coatings is the level of hardness provided. For many popular wax brands, the hardness level is between two and four on the pencil scale. This means that, relative to ceramic coating, the wax is substantially less rigid and thus less protective. With nano-ceramic coatings provided by Ceramic Pro, we have developed a coating that ranks on the pencil hardness scale as a 9. This incredibly hard ceramic coat thus is incredibly hard to rub off and can only be removed by thorough abrasion. Compare Ceramic Pro 9H to your run-of-the-mill wax and many waxes wash or wipe off after just a few months! This added harness from nano-ceramic coatings provide long term protection backed by warranties.


Ever seen a wax with a lifetime warranty on the label? The answer is most likely no. The short warranties, or lack of warranties, on many of popular waxes shows that many of these products are not backed by the same level of confidence that ceramic coatings are. At Ceramic Pro, all the nano ceramic packages are backed by a warranty of at least six months for introductory packages all the way to lifetime warranties for Gold packages. This level of confidence in the product exemplifies the difference in protective capabilities over long periods of time.

Curing Process

Another distinctive factor that separates waxes from ceramic coatings is how the curing process is done. One of the benefits of using a wax is the common individual can apply this wax by hand. This results in lower labor costs but also opens the door for common application mistakes that can actually cause more harm than good. With Ceramic Pro however, all of our coatings are applied by specially trained ceramic coating technicians and cured in a controlled environment. This controlled environment allows a perfect temperature and climate that facilitates the coat to properly bond with the surface.

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